Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Justice is blind, but she’s not deaf. Sometimes you have to know when not to talk.

How many cups of coffee have I had? Even I can't say...but this one is surely the best. RIght, Mr. Wright?
Wright drinks: Yea... it is.

The true measure of a man is in the amount of work he does. That’s what I always say. – Atmey cross-examination, first one.

Always chase a riddle down to the end. That’s one of my rules. – Atmey cross-examination.

A boy only gets one chance in his life to become a man! – Pre-Ron DeLite testimony

Anger is the last refuge of the pathetic. – Ron DeLite testimony
Preparation is the last refuge of the weak. – First line of second trial of Case 3-2.

After Ron DeLite gives his first testimony in the second trial...
The weak get washed away by the tides of fate... The strong drink it up.

It's bitter today, too... Just like my destiny.

The world is filled with those who have said, "I wish I had never asked that." - Ron DeLite second testimony.

Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.

A bet’s only good when your life’s the ante. – Pre-Luke Atmey 2nd trial scene.

We are all but travelers on a road of infinite points. – During Luke Atmey’s testimony, 2nd trial day.

Men that are trapped by the chains of “Maybe”… (Next line) … can never reach their dreams! – said a few lines after the previous quote.

The hammer that strikes too fast has no time to aim.

Using the dark, aromatic depths of coffee to conceal the poison… Classy lady! – Gumshoe’s first testimony, case 3-3.

A single drop of milk is all it takes to destroy the pure black magic in the cup! – During Victor Kudo’s testimony.

Godot: The world, you see, keeps turning, and we must turn with it.

Judge: ...

Judge: You've lost me already, Mr. Godot.

Godot: Don't let the mysteries of yesterday mystify you today.

Godot: Only losers think like that.
Godot: You've got to change with the times!
That's one of my rules!

…The bitterness…
Every time I get lied to, I always down a mug of coffee.
… That’s one of my rules. (End lines) - Pre-Jean’s final testimony.

And finally... Furio Tigre:

There’s no point in struggling. You’re caught in a snare. The relentless snare of the law! (Drinks coffee) And I’m the one that hauled you in! – Pre- Furio Tigre testimony.

Hey, Filly. Know your role, and shut your mouth. I can’t stand women like you. – Inner Temple.

It is impossible to predict what the future has in store for any of us.
This is precisely why people feel the need to judge the past.
And we of the court have been charged with the solemn duty of passing such judgment. – Opening 4-1 court scene.

Humans are fragile, fickle beings. Our hearts change with the shifting of the tides.
There is only one thing that remains constant in this crazy world…
(Drinks) The bitter darkness that lies at the bottom of this mug. - Opening 4-1 court scene.

… Upon meeting a beautiful lady, always ask for her name and profession.
That’s one of my rules. - Pre- Iris testimony.
Ha…! Everyone on the planet is an accomplice to something.
It just happens to be that in this case, it’s to murder. – Pre-Iris testimony.

If your mug is filled with black and bitter suspicions…
The only way to get rid of them is to drink them down quick…
… Like this! (Drinks rapidly) – Iris’ first testimony.

Cute girls never lie. Ever. - Iris' Testimony

People are like books. We’ve all got a front and a back. You get my drift?
I can also say that darkness loves to play with the human mind. - Iris Testimony

There are 253 distinct types of bitterness in coffee.
But to pick out each one requires total concentration and the use of all the senses.
(Paraphrase + quote) The witness said that the garden was dark and she couldn’t see clearly.
A human needs one thing to see clearly.
And that is… light. - Iris Testimony.

(throws coffee at Phoenix) I thought this cold coffee might help cool you down. – Post-Iris testimony.

That was a dark and bitter guess that you made, Trite.
… But you forgot about one thing.
… The aroma.
A coffee’s most reliable accomplice is its deep and profound aroma… - Post-Iris testimony

Death has no meaning in this courtroom! – Post-Iris testimony.

“Once you eliminate the impossible…
…whatever remains must be the truth.”
… No matter how improbable it may seem. – Post-Dahlia explanation.

Pick your head up and speak clearly. There’s always time for crying later. – Pre-Maya Testimony.

“It takes a ton of pressure to make a diamond”. That’s what I always say. – Maya Testimony.

…Add the pureness of milk to the perfect, clear darkness of coffee. Stir.
That is the state of the witness’s mind right now - - a cup of café au lait.
Judge: C-Café o’ Lay? Is that even legal…?
Godot: Mr. Trite’s words are the milk and you are the spoon, Your Honor. – Maya testimony.

So I gave her my last cup.
With milk and sugar… To hide the bitterness of the harsh truth. – Maya Testimony.

Hot nights and even hotter coffee… That’s what I always say. – Maya Testimony.

…Humans are afraid of the dark.
And yet… At the same time, we’re fascinated and bewitched by it.
Maybe that’s why humans drink the darkness that is coffee. – Maya Testimony.

Then one morning, my eyes flew open… from the smell of a doctor’s morning coffee. – Maya Testimony.

The only time a lawyer can cry is when it’s all over. – Post-Maya Testimony.

How many cups of darkness have I drank over the years? Even I don’t know…
I’ll tell you though…

Right now, this one here is the greatest cup I think I’ve ever had.
(Drinks) Don’t you think so… Phoenix Wright?

You should remember that there is no red in my world...these must be.. my tears.

Phoenix: (Drinks) Yeah… I think you’re right. – Last lines of Godot.

Compiled by: David Tran
And that's all of them! Time for a coffee!

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  1. Awesome post, I've been looking for this. ;)
    But you're missing the most important quote of them all: blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself. That is coffee.